Writers are the originators of the dramatic idea for the stage. And the Guild is here to ensure the industry understands, supports, and honors that.



100 Years of the Guild


And finally, and most importantly for those who came before and for those who will come after.


All the rights you have as dramatists – everything that comes from your unique right to own and control your work — did not flow to you out of the ether. Those rights are the direct result of one hundred years of dramatists working in common cause, each understanding their importance in guarding the wall of their common defense. Why should you be a member? Because it is your moral obligation to do so, for yourself and your colleagues, and for the generations that came before who fought the fight for you, and for the generations to come who need you to step forward now. In the end, the question is not “why should I be a member of the Guild?”…the real question is why would you choose not to be?