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Calling all NYC based theatre artists!! Did you know there’s an incredibly important election coming up here in NYC?

Did you know that nearly every major political office is up for grabs this year — meaning we’ll be a transformed city on the other side?  Did you know that, because turnout for city elections is expected to be very low, your vote could have a huge impact? Did you know that in this upcoming election we’ll be using a new system called "Ranked Choice Voting" that will empower us to vote for the people we really believe in and not worry about throwing our vote away?

In this non-partisan event, we’ll share all the information you need to be ready for this extremely significant election:

  • Which offices are in play;
  • Links to sites where you can find the candidates’ positions on the issues that matter to our field (such as arts funding) and to us as individual artists (such as affordable housing, policing, transportation, education, etc.);
  • Deadlines and dates to put in your calendar;
  • Information about how ranked choice voting works. A speaker from Ranked Choice NY will be on hand to explain this new system so we can be READY when we walk in that voting booth.

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