You hear it all the time: the only difference between unproduced playwrights and produced playwrights is that produced playwrights get their work seen by the decision makers. That translates to submissions and networking, a daunting task that we’d like to make easier. This session covered resources for finding opportunities, tips for easier submission, success stories from cold calls, remote networking, and a Q&A.

This seminar is modeled on a presentation that was created for New York playwrights by Hoke and the DG Central New York Regional Rep Aoise Stratford, it was presented by Hoke, Kaplan, and former Kentucky Regional Rep Nancy Gall-Clayton at the 2015 DG National Conference in La Jolla, and proved to be one of the most popular breakout sessions. Hoke and Kaplan have since presented it in various regions around the country.

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