Productions don’t go back and forth as much as they should between the US and UK, in fact, they hardly cross over at all unless they have a huge budget. This is a shame as artistic directors on both sides are keen to do more cross overs, but the logistics of producing make it, quite frankly, a bit of a nightmare.

Guilds, VAT taxes, visas, licenses, casting, PR and a lot more all have to be considered. This can literally take a over year to work out, mostly because the answers are hard to find and so overseas productions become difficult to stage. You need to be a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, ready to overcome all kinds of surprising obstacles that can pop up along the way. The playwright and executive director share their experiences of the play at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and then at the Park Theatre in London in hopes that this information can help to streamline the process for others.

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