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"Hello. I’m Pamela Turner, Chair of the Regional Affairs Committee. A year ago I joined with our other four regional council members to form this committee in order to create a kind of information highway between the Guild in New York and the rest of the country. Our mission was to bring the needs, concerns and activities of regional members to the attention of the DG General Counsel and staff. We also wanted to bring our regional colleagues to a better seat at the table with timely information about Guild policies, initiatives and process. 

The first thing on our agenda was to broaden the makeup of our committee by adding a diverse group of five people from across the country who could help open our understanding of the unique nature of each super region. We ended this year by hosting a series of virtual town halls to the full membership where we presented information about the Guild structure and member benefits and then broke into small groups to start conversations for building more DG community within and across regions. 

For 2021, our plans include hosting town halls with the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee and this is to open these important conversations, too. We also hope to work more closely with other counsel groups such as the Music Committee to better serve composers and lyricists around the country; and with the new Media Committee to get important information into the regions about efforts for protecting expanding digital programming through contracts and other measures. 

I am so happy to be at this annual meeting in 2021 and we’re really looking forward to this and more."

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