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Video Transcript:

"Hi. I’m Sean Flahaven, Chair of the Music Committee. I’m honored to serve with fellow Guild members Jason Robert Brown, Carmel Dean, Stephen Flaherty, Adam Gwon, Tom Kitt, Michael Korie, Andrew Lippa, Stephen Schwartz, Georgia Stitt and Shaina Taub as well as Ralph, Amy and Lily from staff. 

In prior years, our focus has been on investigating and making recommendations to members on issues relating to cast albums, music publication and orchestration. While we continue to do that, this past year we expanded our committee membership and refocused our efforts on reaching out to new composer members, illustrating points of industry access for early career composers, educating producers about roles within the music department and exploring the expanding role of the music assistant. 

Upcoming activities include creating a one-sheet about Guild benefits for composers, creating a flowchart for composers and producers to ascertain staff needs for productions and musicals, creating articles and videos by members about how I entered the room, outreach to musical theater writer workshops, training programs and DEI organizations to facilitate inclusion, and sharing knowledge about remote online music production and recording. 

We also share committee members and collaborate with the Copyright Advocacy, Member Recruitment and Opera committees on interests, issues and mutual interests. Thank you."

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