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TRANSCRIPT - Hi, I’m Doug Wright and I’m Chair of the Archives Committee. And as some of you know, for years the Guild had 680 boxes of files and memorabilia and drafts including remarkable things like the draft of a play by Harry Houdini, a whole series of little postcards from Eugene O’Neill in the merchant Marines saying ‘I can’t make the next Dramatists Guild meeting. Hope you’ll forgive me’ and other remarkable items in this treasure trove.

So the Archives Committee, about two years ago, hired professional archivists to go through all of this material and order it. And in the future, the Archives Committee is going to need to decide how to make this material available to staff, members and scholars with an interest in the history of American playwriting.

And we are also actively working with the Dramatists Guild Copyright Management company to establish a legacy series on all of our members. And so it’s an exciting committee and if you’ve an interest in Guild history, in the history of American theater or in offbeat memorabilia, it’s a really great committee to join.

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