Ten Questions – Theresa Rebeck

Photo of Theresa Rebeck
Theresa Rebeck, playwright. Photo by Walter Kurtz for The Dramatist.

Ten Questions – Theresa Rebeck

1. What was your most memorable theatrical experience as a child?

Student matinees at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. I actually didn’t tell my mom that I was really sick one time, because I didn’t want to miss the student matinee of Tartuffe. Turned out I had to have an emergency appendectomy but the play may have been worth it. 

2. Who was the person who made the biggest impact on your career? 

My husband Jess, whose belief in me is relentless and unfailing. 

3. If you could be anyone (past, present or fictional) who would you choose to be and why?  

Oh, I’d be Shakespeare.

4. What production do you wish you’d seen?

The first production of King Lear. 

5. When you sit down to work, what must you have with you in the room? 

A computer or a pencil. 

6. When you’re in despair with a piece of work, how do you maneuver out of that?

Generally, I take some time off. I’m a big believer in letting it untangle itself while I’m sleeping.

7. If you hadn’t become a dramatist, what profession would you have chosen? 

I would have liked to be a police detective. 

8. As a writer, what have you not done that you’ve always wanted to do?

A six-hour epic play. 

9. Which of all your works is your favorite, and why? 

That is a mean question, and I’m not going to answer it. 

10. What are you working on next?

I’m writing a novel about a New York blackout, and a play about witches. 

THERESA REBECK is an American playwright, television writer, and novelist. This season, she is represented off-Broadway with a production of her play Downstairs at Primary Stages and on Broadway (her fourth Broadway production, making her the most Broadway-produced female playwright of our time) with Bernhardt/Hamlet at the Roundabout Theatre Company.

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