Cover artwork of the Community Issue: Pen and colored pencil illustrations of people of different genders, ethnicities, and sizes clustered together in harmony
Writing Wrongs
Close-up of the Community issue

As dramatists we’re always searching for a conflict that might resonate with the masses. Our hope is to illuminate the human condition in such a way that theatre lights can help shine through to the audiences’ soul.

When teaching the underserved the task is more complex. Often you must help your students find their light so they can illuminate others. While their light may be obvious to all who enter the room, it’s not always visible to the students themselves.

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Francesca Piantadosi
Francesca Piantadosi

is an award-winning playwright who hails from Portland, OR. She’s been a participant at Seven Devils Playwriting Conference; a Finalist for the Rosenthal New Play Prize, Seattle Rep’s New Work Festival, Ojai Playwrights Conference, Orlando Shakespeare Festival, JAW, New Harmony Project, Play Labs (Playwright’s Center Minneapolis) and has had productions from Bangalore, India to New York. For the past seven years, she’s been teaching playwriting (a program she devised) at MacLaren Correctional Facility, which serves men aged fourteen to 26.