Cover Art of the Massachusetts Issue: Multiple cartoons - each in separate boxes - showcasing life in Massachusetts.
Writer's Retreats
Black and white headshot of Mary Conroy

Writers write. Writing is writing. It’s basic math when it comes to producing exceptional work. However, most of us work ‘other’ jobs that come first in our lives. We serve our day job, and although it is not creatively enticing, it provides food and shelter and we like that. It is safe to say our creative dominance gets pushed aside. That is not fair to you as a writer and that is not fair to the world for not getting to see your work sooner than later. One of the biggest and most valued experiences for me as a writer has been investing in writer’s retreats.

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Mary Conroy

is a proud member of the Dramatists Guild of America. She lives in Boston, MA where she is an adjunct professor at Boston College. She has written plays, television specs, and screenplays that have gained attention and productions throughout the years. Her heart’s desire is to write for television. She is a former Dramatists Guild representative for Massachusetts and considers it to have been a privilege and a highlight in her career.