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Working Title Playwrights
Quinn Xavier Hernandez
Quinn Xavier Hernandez

When I moved to Atlanta during the summer of 2018, I thought this city would be a very short chapter in my life; I thought I’d be here two, maybe three years. As I look forward to starting year five, I can truly say that I love Atlanta. A large part of that is thanks to Working Title Playwrights. I joined WTP the week after I moved to Atlanta and immediately felt at home. They made it so easy to immerse myself right into the new play development process with their base program Monday Night Development Workshops (MNDW).

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Quinn Xavier Hernandez

is a theatremaker in Atlanta, GA. Their plays have been developed with Actor’s Express, Wishbone Theatre Collective, and Working Title Playwrights. They are the Playwright-in-Residence at Actor’s Express and serve as Working Title Playwrights’ Assistant Managing Director.