Cover artwork of the Season in review 2020/21: A group of friends open a time capsule labelled 2020.
Why Is There No Print Edition of The Season in Review Issue?

Announcing the new Dramatist Online homepage, the new Issue Archive, and the first edition of The Dramatist to be exclusively available online!

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Photo by Ron Dyer

In this difficult and turbulent time for our industry, the Dramatists Guild is striving to adapt to the needs of our community. We know that many of you are still acutely feeling the stresses of this past year. That is why we have worked to create our Dues What You Can program, which enables DG members to pay what they can in terms of their membership dues. Likewise, the Guild has had to pivot in the face of pandemic related losses and constraints, making difficult financial decisions in order to ensure that the organization can stay afloat, while continuing to provide members with the same commitment and high quality of services, support, and benefits.

Generally, the services that we provide to our members, including  The Dramatist  magazine, are worth more than the price of annual member dues. That is, the cost to the organization is more than we charge for membership. Since the Guild was created, the difference has been made up by First-Class dues called assessments, paid by the portion of members who are fortunate enough to have a First-Class production in any given year. (A First-Class production is a play or musical produced on Broadway or certain Equity National Tours.)  As a result, roughly 0.5% of our membership is effectively subsidizing the dues of the other 99.5%, enabling us to keep our dues at the low rate of $90-$130 for the majority of members. With no First-Class productions able to run during the 2020-2021 theatre season, we have not had that income to offset the cost of our services.

To that end, the Guild will be suspending the printing of The Dramatist magazine until November/December 2021. Fear not; we’ll still be publishing the July/August and September/October issues online. They will be available exclusively online in a new digital format that we hope you’ll love. We are committed to ensuring that we provide our members with relevant, fulfilling, and inspiring content in every issue of our Dramatist magazine, whether in print or online. 

Beginning July 28, the 2020-2021 Season in Review (July/August 2021) edition of The Dramatist will be available to read and share on the DG website. This issue, which is the first in Guild history to be exclusively available online, features National Reports from Guild Regional Representatives and Guild Ambassadors around the world.

We’ll also be unveiling our new Dramatist Online homepage, and the new Issue Archive, with content from 2021 to 2009. We’ll even have the first issue of The Dramatist Quarterly, from 1964, available for you to peruse. You'll soon be able to access individual articles on craft, education and business advice from past issues of both The Dramatist and The Dramatist Quarterly.

If you need assistance logging into the website, or if you would like to request a simple printed booklet of the July/August issue to read the issue in print, please feel free to call us at (212) 398-9366 or email us at Our offices are open Monday to Thursday, from 9:30am to 5:30pm EDT and Fridays from 9:30am to 1:30pm EDT.

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