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What I’m Teaching Now with Lisa Rafferty
Photo of playwright Lisa Rafferty sitting alone outside
Lisa Rafferty photographed by Cedar Point Photography

Patriot’s Day, 2013. Our Boston world was changed forever when two bombs went off at the Boston Marathon, killing three innocent bystanders and injuring hundreds of others.

I was teaching Theater Appreciation at Bridgewater State University. The assigned chapter in the textbook that week (Cohen - Theatre, Brief) included documentary theatre.

I asked the students: ‘If we were going to create a documentary play yesterday, who would we interview?’ Responses flew back at me. ‘First responders.’ ‘Runners.’ ‘Spectators.’ ‘Doctors and nurses.’ ‘Journalists.’

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Lisa Rafferty
Lisa Rafferty

is a playwright, director, and producer who creates documentary plays which celebrate heroic women and men and writes comedies about motherhood seen worldwide. Currently developing MOMologues the Musical for a Mother’s Day premiere in May 2023. Proud member of the Dramatists Guild and the Stage Directors and Choreographers.