Translation Adaptation Cover Artwork: Dried vegetation - such as bark, roots, and seeds - partly framed on a wall.
Western New York: The Wheels of Bankruptcy and Resolution
Two arms connected in circle stretching for handshake

Not long after the debt-laden Buffalo regional theatre Studio Arena closed its doors mid-season in 2008, Anthony Conte—President of Shea’s Performing Arts Center, an 87-year-old venue that is one of the top-grossing single week destinations for Broadway tours—approached his board of directors and asked if there weren’t some way they could prevent the once venerable institution from becoming a parking lot. The board was willing, but that was just the beginning.

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Donna Hoke
Donna Hoke

s work has been seen in 47 states and on five continents. Plays include Brilliant Works of Art (Kilroys List) and Elevator Girl (O’Neill and Princess Grace finalist). She’s also a Primus and Blackburn Prize nominee and three-time winner of the Emanuel Fried Award for Outstanding New Play.