Cover art of the Radical Hospitality Issue: an illustration of a headless person writing at their desk with multiple faces in boxes floating around where their head would be.
The Walking Plays
Woman walking alone
DG Creative

How did they do it? How did theatre makers keep ideas alive, keep spirits up in a time of plague and political divide? For some, self-initiated projects and arts activism gave purpose to the isolation. As new venues emerged in a digital world, distanced from darkened theatre spaces, playwrights began to write for other, often more intimate spheres. Released from stage right and stage left, many new plays have smashed through the fourth wall and flown right over the footlights. The little screens of Zoom quickly framed the work (hey, wasn’t that called television a long time ago?).

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Jo Brisbane
Jo Brisbane

is a playwright, lyricist, and performer, currently completing her Dramatists Guild Institute Certificate in Dramatic Writing. She was recently commissioned by Cape Repertory Theater to write Storm Fetch for its Young Company/Veterans Company initiatives. More information about her various endeavors can be found at