Cover Art  of the Pacific Northwest Issue: A large bird carrying various Pacific Northwest landmarks on its back.
Twin Cities: Playwright Cabal
  • Alayna Jacqueline
    Alayna Jacqueline
  • Gemma Irish
    Gemma Irish
  • Katherine Glover
    Katherine Glover
  • Rachel Teagle
    Rachel Teagle
  • Heather Meyer
    Heather Meyer

Five fierce Twin Cities writers found themselves in recurring conversations that are all too familiar to many mid-career playwrights: what do you do when you aren’t new to the scene, have written some plays, and are looking to have theatres take notice? How do you create a collaborative space to discuss the ups and downs of submissions, successes, rejections, and the day-to-day of making it work? How do you find support and community in a business that is often isolating by nature? And most importantly, how do you make your work visible?

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