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True Colors Theatre Dihvinely Konnecked Commission
Sonhara Eastman
Sonhara Eastman

As an artist and first-time mom, I struggled with how best to develop my work during the height of COVID, where opportunity felt slim and far, an effect of the world crisis at hand. Instead of wallowing in the negative, I decided to apply to as many fellowships, commissions, and workshops as possible. I would later receive notice of my selection to True Colors Theatre Dihvinely Konnecked (DK) Commission.

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Sonhara Eastman
Sonhara Eastman

is a playwright and credited screenwriter with an M.F.A. in Dramatic Writing from N.Y.U. Tisch. Her plays are known for illuminating cultural experiences and have been workshopped at True Colors Theatre, Synchronicity Theatre, La MaMa, and more. A member of the WGA East, Sonhara currently resides in Atlanta.