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Synchronicity Theatre’s Stripped Bare Arts Incubator
Synchronicity Annex
Synchronicity Annex. Photo credit: Angela Medlin

If you are new to Atlanta, be sure to check out Synchronicity Theatre’s Stripped Bare Arts Incubator program. Two key words describe the concepts unique to this program: minimalism and movement. Here, a playwright can get a project on its feet and moving through a three-dimensional space to see if the action of the play moves the story forward. 

While working on the development of my play Her Last Expedition (2021), our team was challenged with capturing the essence of isolation and longing as the story is set in the arctic territories. We needed to experience and experiment with scenes where a single actor holds the stage alone for long periods. While these scenes worked well on paper, we needed to get them on their feet to make sure they did not become tedious for the audience. Additionally, as the play had scenes that were sensual, and others that were brutal, it was important for us to work through intimacy and fight choreography in a safe, professional environment.

Similarly, experimentation was a vital element of Abraham Johnson’s Stripped Bare experience for the development of What the Woolf Wore (2019).

To me, one of the healthiest signs of a playwriting ecosystem is having the widest range of opportunities, organizations, and decision-makers. I think the Atlanta playwriting scene is centralized around a few key organizations and people, so the Stripped Bare Incubator feels like such a refreshing addition. My team was given funding, space, and a deadline. What more do you need? I loved Synchronicity’s hands-off approach, and they gave me the trust I needed to experiment wildly with play edits.

For Natasha Patel, the program provided her an opportunity to present her piece to a wider audience than most development workshops offer.

Stripped Bare offers you a development opportunity to work with a close-knit team on the main stage along with the marketing power that a main stage theater provides. My play Widowwood (2019), displayed on Synchronicity’s marquee, had a full house and offered the greater Atlanta theatre community a lens to view my offbeat work.

And Stripped Bare allowed Kayla Parker to achieve her dream of developing her one-act, How To Be A Lesbian.

For my piece, I served as writer, director, casting [director], dramaturg, and many other positions. [Stripped Bare] gave me the experience of seeing what it takes to actualize my work. The Synchronicity team was a fantastic support to me, and I was able to learn so much about my piece and myself during the process. 

As the experience gained gets very close to that of a full production, Synchronicity Theatre’s Stripped Bare Arts Incubator is extremely beneficial to both budding and seasoned playwrights.

Daphne Mintz
Daphne Mintz

is a playwright, dramaturg, and producer dedicated to the mission of developing new works. Her play titled Her Last Expedition was selected for the January 2021 Stripped Bare Arts Incubator, an experience she treasures.