Cover artwork of the Community Issue: Pen and colored pencil illustrations of people of different genders, ethnicities, and sizes clustered together in harmony
The Stage Writer as Change Agent
  • This is Reading by Lynn Nottage
    This is Reading by Lynn Nottage
  • This is Reading by Lynn Nottage
    This is Reading by Lynn Nottage

Let me begin with three declarations. First, I view engagement and service through a lens colored by the diverse and sometimes competing elements of my background in business, social work and the arts. Second, community engagement and service are based on the premise that theater is a powerfully impactful driver of social change. Third, all stage writers—playwrights, librettists, composers, and lyricists—become trustees and guardians of the communities we engage when we take on a role of change agent.

The Reading, PA Story

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Santo D. Marabella

is an author, playwright, filmmaker, speaker, and educator who creates, produces, and distributes edu-tainment that makes a difference. He is author and producer of a book, musical, short film, and six plays; producer of five short films, a TV pilot, and most recently, This Is Reading by Lynn Nottage; and director of more than 25 community theatre productions.