The cover of The Age Issue of The Dramatist. An illustration of two sets of hands, one older and one younger, playing piano side by side.
Speaking of Elections… 2017 Regional Council Seats
Charlayne Woodard and Rebecca Gilman
Charlayne Woodard and Rebecca Gilman

We are pleased to announce the Council of the Dramatists Guild voted to add five Regional Council seats to serve among the ranks of our esteemed Council members. Those of you at the Member level of the Guild, will have the opportunity to elect a fellow dramatist to our Council that understands what it is like to live and work in your region. We could not be more thrilled at the potential impact these regional seats could have on the future of the Dramatists Guild.

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Amy VonMacek
Amy VonMacek

has been with the Dramatists Guild for over ten years. She started as the Office Manager/Receptionist and was recently named the Director of Council Programs. In addition to her role at the Dramatists Guild, Amy is the Administrator for the Dramatists Legal Defense Fund and produces Banned Together: A Censorship Cabaret.