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Southwest: Transition and Transformation
How to Make an American Son by christopher oscar peña at Arizona Theatre Company
How to Make an American Son by christopher oscar peña at Arizona Theatre Company. Photo by Tim Fuller.

We aren’t living in a post-pandemic world, but this season saw the frost of COVID-19 thawing throughout theatre scenes in the Southwest. Theatres are transitioning away from online offerings, moving toward fully in-person shows, and are currently revealing season announcements for next year. We are moving in a hopeful direction and there is a strong semblance of normalcy, though the threats of COVID-19 are present. Like so many arts communities throughout our nation, we are in transition.

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John Perovich
John Perovich

’s plays have been presented throughout the Phoenix Metro area and he has been selected multiple times for the Valdez Theatre Conference. Perovich’s play, Spy Love You, received the 2019 ariZoni Award for Best Original Script. He is a frequent dramaturg for the Festival of New American Theatre at The Phoenix Theatre Company.