cover art of The Reality Check Issue: A solemn playwright with a long, winding sweater sleeve that has small illustrations detailing the struggles of a writer.
Seattle: Out of Grief Comes Art
Elizabeth Coplan Headshot

Local Seattle playwright Elizabeth Coplan fell in love with theatre at the young age of thirteen. Painfully shy, her mother she suggested she take a drama class. This early introduction fostered a lifelong love for theatre. She went on to act in New York City and later get her degree in English Literature. She became the managing editor of Chief Executive magazine, a published author, and enjoyed a 40+ year career in marketing, but a chronic illness caused her to have to step back from her busy life.

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Kate Danley
Kate Danley

is a USA Today bestselling author and won the Panwoski Playwriting Award for Building Madness. She has sold over half-a-million books globally. She trained at The Groundlings, RADA, Towson University, and the Acme Comedy Theater. She is a member of the Dramatists Guild Council.