The Season of Reemergence cover of The Dramatist includes an illustration of a chrysalis hanging from a budding branch and emerging monarch butterfly
The Season of Reemergence
Monochrome photo of Joey Stocks sitting on a stone bench in front of a stone wall illuminated by a triangular slice of light
Joey Stocks photographed by Marc Silvestri

noun: reemergence
The process of coming into sight or prominence once more.

In May, I broke my wrist.

I’ve never broken a bone before, but I’m guessing serious injuries rarely occur at a convenient time. This was no exception, happening as we were trying to pull this issue together.

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Editor, Joey Stocks
Joey Stocks

was born into an Arkansas newspaper family. He strayed into theatre as a performer before joining the Guild in August 2011 as Director of Publications and Editor of The Dramatist.