In Search of Unknown Playwrights: An Interview with Bryan Stubbles
Black and white headshots of Daniel Guyton and Bryan Stubbles
Daniel Guyton (L) and Bryan Stubbles (R)

Bryan Stubbles is the author and creator of “Unknown Playwrights,” a twice-weekly blog about…you guessed it: unknown playwrights! Mr. Stubbles is a playwright himself (and some might say, relatively unknown—at least for now). I found many of his artist profiles to be revelatory, so I asked him several questions about his own work, as well as his process of discovering and reminding the world about these “forgotten” and “unknown” playwrights.

[Ed. Note: This interview was written and submitted November 2018]

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Daniel Guyton
Daniel Guyton

is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter from Atlanta, GA. His stage plays have been produced nearly 600 times around the world, and he has been published in over 50 anthologies and solo publications. He is the Writing Development Coordinator for Merely Players Presents. He is also a member of the Dramatists Guild and the Writers Guild of America East.