Translation Adaptation Cover Artwork: Dried vegetation - such as bark, roots, and seeds - partly framed on a wall.
Sandra Seaton: On Translations and Adaptations
Sandra Seaton

When I first encountered Cyrus Colter’s stories about African Americans in Chicago, they brought back memories from my own life growing up in that city. Here was an African American world in all its variety. Some people in Colter’s stories are poor, but others are affluent, with leisure for dinner parties and for the arts. And in his stories, a poor man, like the protagonist of “A Chance Meeting,” might turn out to be a connoisseur of classical music and opera. 

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Sandra Seaton
Sandra Seaton

is a playwright and librettist. Her recent works include the opera Night Trip and The Passion of Mary Cardwell Dawson (starring Denyce Graves), both with composer Carlos Simon; Call Me By My Name, her performance piece about Henrietta Lacks; and Dreamland: Tulsa 1921her choral work about the Tulsa Race Massacre with composer Marques L.A. Garret.