The Censorship Issue of The Dramatist
San Francisco: Strange Ladies
Strange Ladies by Susan Sobeloff
Central Works world-premiere production of Strange Ladies by Susan Sobeloff (l-r: Nicol Foster, Regina Morones, Gwen Loeb, and Radhika Rao).

Playwright Susan Sobeloff’s play, Strange Ladies, was a big hit at Central Works in Berkeley this fall; so much so, that it was extended. The play is about American Suffragettes fighting for the right for women to vote. In 1917, these women were imprisoned in the Occoquan Workhouse for picketing the White House. They were tortured and force-fed when they went on a hunger strike. One hundred years later, their brave and earth-shattering effort inspires us to fight for what we believe in, no matter the cost.

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Suze Allen
Suze Allen

’s work has been on stages in Portland, Maine, San Francisco, Boston, Anchorage, Alaska, and Edinburgh, Scotland.