Refracted Theatre Company Announces 2023 Season
Dave Harris and Mathilde Dratwa
Dave Harris and Mathilde Dratwa

Chicago, IL – Refracted Theatre Company has announced its fourth season, which will feature Dave Harris’s Tambo & Bones, a workshop production of Mathilde Dratwa’s A Play about David Mamet Writing a Play about Harvey Weinstein, and Role Call, a free, community-centered, monthly reading and discussion series.

“...Refracted is looking to the unabashed, unafraid, unmatched voices of thrilling American playwrights who use comedy and pathos to illuminate what it means to be an individual inside a system, particularly when that system edits and silences the voices it uses to meet its own definition of capitalistic success,” said Co-Artistic Director Graham Miller in a statement. “By centering the playwright’s experience with respect to the relationship to the institution of theatre, we examine both sides of what it means to be any marginalized identity working within the larger system that is America. What’s working and what isn’t? When is it easy for us to take shots at what’s broken, and when are we actually the ones contributing to making holes in what would serve everyone?

“The shows are wild as hell. We can guarantee that nowhere else in Chicago will you see anything quite as next-level, ‘oh my god is this happening’-vibes as what we are putting on stage this year. And we are so restless to get into the nuanced throughline of challenging, riveting discourse that this season of projects is bound to inspire with our audiences and collaborators, discourse that we think sharpens and heals us all.” 

Refracted Theatre Company’s 2023 Season 

Role Call
Third Space Chicago, 716 W. Addison, Chicago, IL
Presented the last Tuesday of every month beginning March 28, 2023

A Play about David Mamet Writing a Play about Harvey Weinstein by Mathilde Dratwa Workshop Production
Directed by Co-Artistic Director Tova Wolf
Spring/Summer 2023 – Location to be announced (limited performances)

Tambo & Bones by Dave Harris
Directed by Mikael Burke
Fall 2023 – Location to be announced

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