Cover of The Dramatist Jan/Feb 2022: The Motivation Issue
A Recipe for Motivation
Collage art of a laptop computer with blank sticky notes on it. A tomato-shaped kitchen timer sits beside the laptop's trackpad. A cup full of pens and a vine-like plant are behind the laptop.
Illustration by Brianna Barrett for The Dramatist

I have a confession. In the past three years, I’ve devoted only a handful of hours to playwriting, or any sort of creative writing, for that matter. My list of reasons is long (and valid!) but there’s still a part of me that feels guilty, lazy, and anxious. I feel like a fraud. How can I even call myself a playwright if I can’t motivate myself to write a play? 

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Amelia French
Amelia French

is a playwright, librettist, and Editor of The Dramatist.