Cover Art  of the Pacific Northwest Issue: A large bird carrying various Pacific Northwest landmarks on its back.
Rain City Projects
Andrew Lee Creech
Andrew Lee Creech

Power to the Playwright! That’s the rallying call of the Seattle-based dramatist-centered organization known as Rain City Projects. Originally founded in 1991 by theatre director Mark Lutwak, Rain City Projects set out with one mission: support playwrights and their work in the Pacific Northwest. And it is upon that founding principle that twenty-nine years later, RCP continues to stand, weaving itself into the very DNA of the Seattle theatre community and the Pacific Northwest region at large.

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is a Seattle-based writer and performer dedicated to telling stories which center on the Black experience. His work has been produced/presented by: Copious Love Productions, Radial Theatre Project, The Kraine (NYC), Theatre Southwest (Houston, TX), and more. He serves as the Seattle Ambassador for the Dramatists Guild.