Cover artwork of the Season in review 2020/21: A group of friends open a time capsule labelled 2020.
Puerto Rico Season in Review 2020/21: Colaborando a Través De Los Desafíos
  • Puerto Rico Banner for Season in Review 2020/21
    Artwork by Bekka Lindstrom, Drawings by Ian Sklarsky
  • Puerto Rico Theatre Lab
    Puerto Rico Theater Lab (PRTL), founded by Alexandra Cedeño and Edgardo Soto, joined eight other theatre teams to premiere the collective play, Alex y Emma, for virtual viewing in February 2021.

Virtuality and the digital medium have challenged artists across the globe to redefine theatricality and, by extension, playwriting. New forms of devising art demand new ways of approaching it. In only a year, we have seen theatre adapt and transform to the necessities of its practitioners, resilient to new modalities and technologies. Theatre has always been an ever-changing craft, but more so in the pandemic. In Latin America there is a vast migration from face-to-face theatre to digital and virtual platforms, where out of necessity theatre companies have moved to prerecorded or live presentations.

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Michael Vélez
Michael Vélez

is a multi-disciplinary actor and co-founder of the virtual theatre group La V. He is also the developer of the Sequential Playwriting Technique and a comics reviewer for Mikey’s Comic World. 


Michael Vélez es actor de múltiples disciplinas y cofundador del grupo teatral virtual La V. También desarrolló la técnica de la dramaturgia secuencial y es crítico de cómics para Mikey’s Comic World.