Provocation: Writing Theatre to Inspire Action and/or Reaction

An excerpt of this roundtable, featuring Eve Ensler (who has since changed her name to V), Ismail Khalidi, and Lynn Nottage, originally appeared in the September/October 2015 issue of The Dramatist. It is published in its entirety for the first time here.

Illustration of Lynn Nottage, Ismail Khaladi, and Eve Ensler
Illustration by A.E. Kieren

EVE ENSLER:  I’m excited to be here with both of you. I’m a huge fan of your work for a long time. It was very exciting thinking about this discussion—things I wanted to learn from both of you and talk about.

     For a long time, I’ve been confronted with this question, “Are you an activist? Are you an artist?” And I’ve always found it an absurd question because the idea that all art is political seems rather inane to me. So, let’s begin there. Is all theatre political in one way or another?

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