Cover Art of the Massachusetts Issue: Multiple cartoons - each in separate boxes - showcasing life in Massachusetts.
Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theatre Festival

Williams drank in Provincetown, he swam there, and he took conga lessons there. He was poor and then rich there; he was photographed naked and clothed there. He was unknown and then famous—and throughout it all Williams wrote every morning.”

– David Kaplan in his book Tennessee Williams in Provincetown

Logo for Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival

In 1995, a fledgling playwright (namely me) journeyed to the coastal resort of Provincetown for the first time on an invitation from friends. “We have an extra room at our guesthouse. Come, and you can write.” 

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Larry Dean Harris
Larry Dean Harris

co-founded the LA-based Playwrights 6 in 1999. His play Stage Moms was selected for the 2016 Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theatre Festival. He currently produces the Silver Lake and Palm Springs storytelling salon Strong Words and serves on the Guild’s Council.