Cover art of the Environmental Issue: Digital Art of the sun rising on three birds
A Playwright for 4 Seasons
Trendy set of abstract creative minimal artistic hand painted compositions

Start from what we have,” said Tofte Lake Center Director Liz Engelman. It was freezing. And desolate. And the sheriff warned us there was a big cat on Main Street.

At 9,000 ft., as guest artists at HBMG Foundation’s National Winter Playwrights Retreat, we were high on altitude and artistry, hearing new plays and our thoughts in the silence of fresh-fallen snow. What if we supported an artist, not just this season, but through all four?

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Person on a street

is co-creator of The Infinity Trilogy with David Lee White. She is an associate professor and Artistic Director of Ignition Arts. 4SR is by nomination and will announce its second resident in Spring 2021. Ignition Arts’ 2021 Season includes the 4SR and PATH - Projects About Transporting Humans. Ignition commissioned playwrights, poets, composers and other artists to create works for outdoor walking paths.