cover art of The Reality Check Issue: A solemn playwright with a long, winding sweater sleeve that has small illustrations detailing the struggles of a writer.
Phillip DePoy: The Craft
Phillip DePoy

Once you have an idea, how do you proceed? Do you take notes? Do you outline? Do you plunge right in?

I always have the odd sensation that it’s not really me doing the writing. Once I have an idea, something else does the work and I just have to be in the room to write it down. I have to make myself available for the thing, whatever it is. Of course, I do the research, and I love doing it. Sometimes I think if I could make a living just doing research, I’d be very happy. I fall in love with the research. The thing is, it’s usually a stream-of-consciousness kind of thing. Finding out more about John Donne, for example, leads to the remarkable discovery that the letter J didn’t exist in the English language until the middle ages.

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Phillip DePoy
Phillip DePoy

is the Edgar Award-winning author of twenty novels and 43 plays. An internationally reviewed performance artist, Georgia author of the year, former Composer in Residence for the Academy Theatre, and Artistic Director of Theatrical Outfit, he has run several university theatre programs.