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Philadelphia: Philadelphia’s “Music (Wo)Man”
Woman Playing Piano

If you’re a Philadelphia composer, lyricist, librettist—or maybe all three—there’s finally a place where you can present your work-in-progress. That place is MusiCoLab, a Salon Series for creators with a song (or two) to sing from shows they are working on and the brainchild of Philadelphia resident, Barbara Bellman. A librettist, lyricist, and playwright herself, Barbara wondered why Philadelphia dramatists couldn’t have the exposure opportunities that seemed so plentiful in the Big Apple.

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Marjorie Bicknell
Marjorie Bicknell

holds an MA in Speech/Theatre from Northwestern University. Her plays have been published by Dramatic Publishing, Heartland Plays, and ARTemis Arts. She is the founder of the Playwrights Alliance of Pennsylvania and President Emeritus of Philadelphia Dramatists Center.