Peter Parnell: What Copyright Means to Me
Shadowbox with plywood background featuring scraps of rusted metal tools
Heavy Harvester by Cheryl Jacobson

When I was very little, even before I learned how to read and write, I would dictate stories to my mother, who would write them down on large pads of tracing paper, leaving spaces for where I could do the illustrations. (I wish I could remember all these stories, but the only one I do remember was a Bemelmans-inspired tale about a Central Park pigeon named Cadmus who apprehended a band of thieves by dropping bread crumbs for the police to follow.) One day, after finishing a story, I went outside to play and ran into our next door neighbor Gloria Cohen.

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Peter Parnell
Peter Parnell

’s plays include Dada Woof Papa Hot (© 2016), Trumpery (© 2009), and QED (© 2002), among others. He is the co-author of the children’s picture book And Tango Makes Three (© 2005). He is a former Vice President of the Dramatists Guild.