Cover of The Dramatist Season in Review 2022-2023
Joey Stocks
Joey Stocks photographed by David Scott Holloway.

The first time I met Joey Stocks, I was in my second year of undergrad at NYU, interviewing to be his intern. At the time, I had no idea I’d one day be taking over his role as Director of Publications and Editor of The Dramatist, let alone get the internship. (Well, actually, we kind of hit it off immediately, so I felt pretty confident about the internship.) 

After many years of soaking up Joey’s magnetic, infectious, shining brilliance, I am incredibly sad to see him leave the Guild but thrilled to see which adventure he embarks upon next. He is one of the most radiant people I have ever met, and anyone who knows him knows how lucky they are for it. Thank you, Joey, for all you’ve done for me and everyone else at the Guild and beyond. 

Associate Editor

My mom told me if you want to get to know somebody, travel with them. You know what else is a great way to figure out who somebody is? Working with them. On a creative endeavor. Under pressure. Do it over a series of years. Like twelve years. It’s a surefire way to get a sense of who you are dealing with.  And I can tell you, Joey Stocks is a remarkable artist and human being. It’s obvious, isn’t it? Joey has exquisite taste. But he also has seemingly infinite patience. He treats everyone with graceful understanding. I’ve witnessed firsthand his gentle and insightful suggestions that consistently light the path towards excellence. His respect for writers, illustrators, and photographers shines through on these pages. To say it’s a pleasure to work with him is such an understatement. 

Lucky me. We have weathered this long season of working together and come out as friends. Now, maybe Joey & I ought to take a vacation to someplace we’ve never been before. I look forward to that. Until then, Amelia and I will continue to fuss over each and every little thing in this magazine that we all love. 

Art Director

JOEY is basically the reason I’m so enmeshed in the Guild community. Like I was just out there on the fringes, not knowing what to do with a membership that my professor insisted I get. Then Joey asked me to join the Publications committee and suddenly I found myself just dropping by the Guild office whenever I had a few minutes to kill just to say hi to this ray of sunshine in a bow-tie. And then I got to know everybody in the office and then was invited to do all kinds of wacky shit with the org and poof: community. I blame you, Joey. It’s all your fault. Woe betide the next batch of unsuspecting lost souls that you will inevitably glue together without them even noticing what’s happening. They don’t know what’s about to hit ’em.

- Chisa Hutchinson



, the dedication, passion, wit, intelligence, depth, breadth, and good taste with which you filled the pages of The Dramatist have, in turn, filled me with inspiration, wisdom, curiosity, community, and an even greater love for the art and artists the Guild represents. Thank you, thank you, thank you! (Please take a bow; I’m giving you a standing ovation!)

- Adam Gwon


Being a dramatist can be a lonely and hard life. 

It demands much from you and often very little is gained in return.

In a country where theatre is often considered an afterthought,

being a dramatist is an even lonelier business.

But there are people that make the living of this life worthwhile.

Joey Stocks is one of them.

Throughout his many years at The Dramatist, he has been there writers, seeking out ways to keep connections alive, to keep the writing and thinking about this form continually vital and energized.

There is a wonderful sense of ‘yes’ about Joey’s leadership, and a forthrightness too and precision and care to language.

Thank you, Joey, for making this corner of the playwright’s life a happier one for so long, and for trusting us.

- Caridad SvicH


 Stocks is the best of the best of the best. I have no idea how he accomplishes all he does in each issue of The Dramatist—it seems like a magic trick to me. And he does it all with generosity and smarts and heart and grace and tons and tons of charm. I’m a little broken-hearted to see him go, but at the same time, knowing his remarkable talents, I’m excited to see what he accomplishes next. Love you so much, Joey!

- Deborah Zoe Laufer


Collaborating with Joey and watching him work his editorial magic ever since the day he first asked me to write a piece for The Dramatist (the gold standard of trade magazines, IMHO) back in 2013 has been equal parts joy and inspiration. I am so excited to see what creative genius he cooks up next! Thank you, Joey, for being my gateway drug to working with the Dramatists Guild! 

Christine Toy Johnson

JOEY I am so honored to have worked with you for so long. It truly is the end on an era. Yet, I cannot wait to see what you accomplish next. You are a beautiful storyteller and full of heart. No one can tell a story about a pastel Superman Halloween costume like you can. 

Much love xoxo
Amy VonMacek

For the last twelve years, it has been my pleasure and my privilege to work with the one and only Joey Stocks.  From sharing fried green tomatoes and bourbon at theaters around the country; to meeting and uplifting writers wherever we went; to discussing and debating theatrical experiences—each and every moment in Joey’s company has been a joyous one. I learned so much from his work ethic, his breadth of knowledge, his generosity, his curiosity, his style, his sense of fun, and his utter panache. I will miss him being two doors down from me (I probably get most of my 20,000 daily steps walking to and from his office) more than I can say.

- Tari Stratton

Your smarts, grace, generosity, and humor led the magazine to become a publication that makes our members proud. You had an incredible instinct for who was the right writer for each story, the best panelist for each panel. You put your generous heart into each issue, and you inspired us all to do our best work. Thank you for all the marvelous years you published the magazine. I am forever grateful.

Michele Lowe



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I felt I knew him

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It was pleasurable

Adrienne Kennedy