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Ohio: 2018/2019 Season In Review
About a Ghoul Production
"About a Ghoul (A Tale of Morocco)" at Talespinner Children's Theatre. Photo by Steve Wagner.

In the previous season, many of our region’s members received world premieres of their work right here in Ohio.

In August, my own full-length Down by Contact, co-produced by Cleveland companies Playwrights Local and Dobama Theatre and directed by Dale Heinen, was given a site-specific performance at Gilmour Academy’s 100-year-old Tudor Mansion. The play, based on the lives of former football players and their families, tells the story of a retired pro quarterback who tries to keep his family and fortune while struggling with the debilitating effects of the brain disease of CTE.

Also in August, Columbus audiences had three chances to see short plays by Vivian Lermond (C, The Bourbon Monologue, and Twisted Dickens) in MadLab Theatre’s OG Productions West Grandview Fringe Festival.

In September, Greg Vovos’ ten-minute A Very Meaningful Play was produced at Cleveland Public Theatre’s Pandemonium fundraising extravaganza.

October saw two shows by DG members at Cleveland Public Theatre. The first, the musical Everything is OK (And Other Helpful Lies) about a group of close friends drunkenly navigating personal struggles, was written by Melissa Crum and Caitlin Lewins and directed by Matthew Wright.

The second, new member Lisa Langford’s full-length The Art of Longing, directed by Jimmie Woodie, follows the lives of three “third-shift” workers whose secret desires manifest themselves in fantastic abilities.

In November, Playwrights Local produced former DG Ohio Rep. Faye Sholiton’s one-act Above and Beyond. The play, directed by Craig Joseph, revolves around the fraught decisions facing two underground missile controllers during the height of the Cold War.

Also in November, the Columbus School for Girls Department of Theatre produced Johnrick Hole’s short Mr. Peanut is Missing at their festival, Snakes, Cakes and Comedy Mistakes.

In February, Columbus audiences were treated to a night of one-acts at The 7th Annual St. James Tavern Valentine’s Day Theatre Shorts Festival. The evening, produced by MadLab Theatre’s OG Productions, included Vivian Lermond’s V Day.

In March, Clevelanders had not one, but two opportunities to see world premieres by David Hansen. Ensemble Theatre produced the full-length The Way I Danced With You (Dir. Tyler Whidden), about two high school lovers whose courtship over the course of ten years becomes ever more intricate and emotionally dangerous.

In the same month, Talespinner Children’s Theatre produced Hansen’s full-length About a Ghoul (A Tale of Morocco), directed by Katelyn Cornelius. The children’s play follows the exploits of a young woman as she journeys through a mysterious world of ghosts and ghouls.

Though this report is not exhaustive, it’s clear that our members have had a successful season of world premieres of their work right here in Ohio.


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