The Season of Reemergence cover of The Dramatist includes an illustration of a chrysalis hanging from a budding branch and emerging monarch butterfly
New York: Reopening and Reconnecting
Drawing of various stages of a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis by Ian Sklarsky
Art by Ian Sklarsky for The Dramatist

by Dominic D’Andrea

New York theatre is in a period of navigating reopening: audience building, programming, safety protocol, and risk-taking. There are still many stops and starts due to COVID: cancellations because of positive tests, navigating the tensions between public policy and audience comfortability, and trying to make productive choices for communities, staff, and artists. 

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Dominic D'Andrea
Dominic D'Andrea

is a writer, director, producer, and community engagement professional. Dominic is the director of community engagement at Queens Theatre, and since COVID has served as producer of digital programming for Queens Theatre, producing over 80 unique events since March. He served as the first ever regional ambassador for the Hudson Valley, where he spent his time and energy coalition-building, asset mapping, creating live and digital programming, and advocating for HV playwrights on a local and national level for resources, artistic funding, and visibility.

Dawn Jamieson
Dawn Jamieson

began writing with Mangled Beams: Mohawk ironworkers clearing the beams at 9/11. Crooked Paths: Natives, political ambition, Medicare fraud. Silent Quest: search for abusive priest leads to a Native boy. Mush Hole: the residential schools that existed for 140 years to “take the Indian out of the Indians.”