Cover artwork of the Community Issue: Pen and colored pencil illustrations of people of different genders, ethnicities, and sizes clustered together in harmony
New York City: Establishing Community
Winter Miller Headshot
Winter Miller, playwright and DG Representative for New York City

Hello New York Ciiiiiiittttttyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Sorry if I just woke your baby or your inner child, I had a belch of enthusiasm. 

As your first-ever NYC Regional Rep (Donna Hoke is our upstate NY Regional Rep), I’m looking forward to establishing a greater sense of community. While we have the greatest concentration of playwrights per square foot, we don’t have a lot of opportunities to connect in person for a giant game of duck, duck, goose. Or a pants-on, dance-on marathon. Or a book clu—just kidding. Or not, if that’s what you want. 

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winter miller
winter miller

is an award-winning playwright and founding member of the Obie-recognized collective 13 Playwrights. She is best known for her drama In Darfur which premiered at The Public Theater, followed by an SRO performance at their 1800-seat Delacorte Theater, a first for a play by a woman.