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New Jersey: Passing the Baton
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It’s very hard for me to believe that six years ago I came on board as the New Jersey Regional Representative. As I pass the baton on to the next New Jersey Regional Representative, I’m very excited to continue my relationship with the Guild and advocate for an even larger group of dramatists as I serve as the new Northeastern Regional Council member.

I had no idea how much being your Regional Rep would change my life. As I’ve worked over the years to advocate for all of our rights as dramatists, to further introduce New Jersey theatres to amazing work being done by its writers, and to create a community of theatre artists across the Garden State, I have received incredibly kind feedback from this group. And to reiterate what I’ve said to those of you who have reached out – thank you for all that you’ve done for me. The Guild, and the New Jersey group in particular, is strong because of the people who participate, show up, and add their voice!

Over the years I’ve had the extreme joy and pleasure of meeting so many talented, kind, and inspiring writers across our state. The diversity of voices in our region astounds me:

Eric Sirota’s musical Frankenstein that continues running both off-Broadway and in Union City, Pat Adeff Fifield’s upcoming musical Talent co-written with Todd Fifield, George Cameron Grant’s perennial Fortune and 3 Egg Creams, Karen Eterovich’s solo play Cheer from Chawton, Bobby Cronin’s moving Mary and Max, Stephen Larsen’s Harriet Tubman play Other Side of the Jordan, Gonzalo Valencia and Michael Campbell’s D&D musical Goblins & Gates, Vita Patrick MoralesVitiligo and The Diagonal Trilogy, Will Nolan’s hilarious Leola shows, Ben Marshall’s historical and stirring Beasts and Cakes, Lori Roper’s cautionary tale Hawks Tavern, Mary Jane Walsh’s full-length collection of monologues Finishing It Off!, Sheila Duane, who started her own theatre company, Dromio Players, and is presenting not only her own work, including the haunting Restoration Parts, but the work of other artists as well…and this barely skims the surface of the incredible work created by New Jersey artists.

I have loved meeting so many of you not only in my own home for some great year-end celebrations, but in the honorary homes we’ve been graciously hosted in by Art House Productions, Centenary Stage, Crossroads Theatre Company, Dreamcatcher Repertory Theatre, George Street Playhouse, Jersey City Theater Center, Luna Stage, McCarter Theater Center, Mile Square Theatre, New Jersey Rep, Passage Theatre Company, Premiere Stages, South Camden Theatre Company, and Two River Theatre. Many of these theatres have also further opened their arms to New Jersey writers by participating in the Playwrights Welcome program.

This region has proven time and time again that we aren’t just NYC-adjacent. New Jersey has its own identity – we have our own stories to share.

I’m a better writer and a better person because of my experiences with each and every one of you so thank you for the incredible opportunity of being your Regional Representative.

I look forward to seeing you all and meeting more of you through the programming of our next Regional Representative and encourage each of you to continue the work you’ve been doing.

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