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My Playreading Story for COVID Times
DG Kentucky Regional Rep, Liz Bussey Fentress
Liz Bussey Fentress

I recently did a Zoom reading of my play Stages of Bloom with long-lost friends who were in my acting class at the University of Wisconsin in Madison in 1971. We didn’t think of it before COVID because we were all busy creating theatre in our own locales. But now we’re all staying home. And, frankly, we couldn’t have done it before Zoom because we live, literally, all over the world. But Zoom makes it possible to cast from anywhere and everywhere. So, I was in Bayfield, WI, on Lake Superior. Br. Paul Vincent Niebauer read from St. John’s Abbey in rural Minnesota where he’s been head of the theatre department at St.

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Liz Fentress
Liz Fentress

is an award-winning playwright, director, and actor. Following a 40-year career in Kentucky, Liz recently moved home to Northern Wisconsin; Lake Superior had been a character in her early life, and Liz missed her. While in Kentucky, Liz served as Regional Rep for the Dramatists Guild of America.