The cover of The Age Issue of The Dramatist. An illustration of two sets of hands, one older and one younger, playing piano side by side.
Minneapolis/St. Paul: Rhiana Yazzie
Rhiana Yazzie headshot by Farrington Llewellyn
Photo by Farrington Llewellyn

When Dramatists Guild member Rhiana Yazzie first came to the Twin Cities ten years ago on a Jerome playwriting fellowship, she found it difficult to cast a reading of a new play with Native American actors, even though the Twin Cities is home to one of the largest urban Native American communities in the nation. Fast-forward ten years, and Rhiana has single-handedly changed the face of the Twin Cities theatre scene.

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Laurie Flanigan Hegge
Laurie Flanigan Hegge

is a playwright/lyricist from Minneapolis and Artistic Associate at History Theatre in St. Paul. Musicals include: Dirty Business, Sweet Land, Boxcar, Twenty Days to Find a Wife, Hormel Girls, See Jane Vote, and Loose Lips Sink Ships.