The cover of The Age Issue of The Dramatist. An illustration of two sets of hands, one older and one younger, playing piano side by side.
Minneapolis/St. Paul: Rhiana Yazzie
Rhiana Yazzie headshot by Farrington Llewellyn
Photo by Farrington Llewellyn

When Dramatists Guild member Rhiana Yazzie first came to the Twin Cities ten years ago on a Jerome playwriting fellowship, she found it difficult to cast a reading of a new play with Native American actors, even though the Twin Cities is home to one of the largest urban Native American communities in the nation. Fast-forward ten years, and Rhiana has single-handedly changed the face of the Twin Cities theatre scene.

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Laurie Flanigan Hegge
Laurie Flanigan Hegge

is a playwright/lyricist from Minneapolis and past DG regional rep for the Twin Cities. Her play Prick premiered at the 2023 EdFringe and heads to London Jan 2024. Musicals include Dirty Business, Sweet Land, Boxcar, Twenty Days to Find a Wife, Hormel Girls, See Jane Vote, and Loose Lips Sink Ships.