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Mindi Dickstein: What Copyright Means to Me

When I was a kid and I watched television, I didn’t understand how television worked. I thought that, magically, it came out of the box into my house and there were maybe little tiny people inside. It was a very imaginative, magical interpretation. Lord knows I had no idea that someone actually wrote what I was watching.

Then I grew up and became a writer of musicals and I learned many, many things about how theatre (if not television) is made, including that something being written by someone, well, that is the essence of copyright.

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Mindi Dickstein
Mindi Dickstein

has written many musical adaptations, including lyrics for the Broadway musical Little Women and lyrics for Benny & Joon, based on the MGM film. Current works include Witnesses (voted Best Production, San Diego Theater Critics Circle) and Maiden Voyage.