In Memory of Brandon J. Gibson

“I write to create contrasts. 
In the space between clarity and nuance, 
dissonance and resolution, 
perception and reality, there is tension, 
and those tensions are the tools of the actor. 
Give an actor enough tools, 
and they’ll either make a mess or a masterpiece.
Both will be correct. Both will be beautiful.”

Brandon J. Gibson

Brandon J. Gibson
Brandon J. Gibson

Brandon J. Gibson was one of Knoxville’s most beloved and charismatic people. He was the Managing Director for Marble City Opera (MCO) and he sang bass with an unforgettable voice in their world premiere of Shadowlight by Larry Delinger and Emily Anderson, but that’s just speaking to this DG Member’s lifelong talent. He also gave fun nicknames, used clever wordplay, listened intently, communicated complexities within many topics, hosted friendsgiving gatherings, gave gifts without needing reasons, and raised money for adult literacy.

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Harrison Young
Harrison Young

(he/him) is the DG Tennessee Regional Rep. He is a Theatre graduate from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville and Improvisation alum from the Peoples Improv Theater-NYC. Harrison’s program Next Rung Productions offers year-long mentorships for local dramatists.