Cover artwork of the Community Issue: Pen and colored pencil illustrations of people of different genders, ethnicities, and sizes clustered together in harmony
Making a Place at the Table for Differently Abled Writers
Playwright headshots: Chisa Hutchinson, Anita Hollander, and Garrett Zuercher
(Clockwise) Chisa Hutchinson, Anita Hollander, Garrett Zuercher

There’s an assumption in the theatre—and perhaps in every endeavor—that all players proceed from the same starting point; that the field is level; and the pack, with identical needs, travels at a single pace. But there are challenges—some obvious; others, less  so—when a writer is differently abled.

Case in point: writers generally network and gain visibility as fellows or residents. But writers with disabilities may not be physically or energetically able to take advantage of such opportunities, limiting their access to important relationships and experiences that can lead to work and commissions.

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Joshua Irving Gershick
Joshua Irving Gershick

s plays include Dear ONE: Love & Longing in Mid-Century Queer AmericaComing Attractions, and Bluebonnet Court. He is the winner of the GLAAD Award for Outstanding Los Angeles Theatre and is a Lambda Literary Award Finalist.