Cover art of the Radical Hospitality Issue: an illustration of a headless person writing at their desk with multiple faces in boxes floating around where their head would be.
Lucy Wang: Ten Questions
Lucy Wang
Photo by Julia Dillon

1 What was your most memorable theatrical experience as a child?

Every December, I was cast as the lone Chinese Dancer in a local community theatre production of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker. I was forced to perform many “inscrutable” dance moves for the privilege of being onstage, in the spotlight. Countless times I was told that my performance could dramatically improve U.S.-China relations. If only! David Sedaris will always have his Santaland Diaries, I have my Nutcracker Suites.


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Lucy Wang
Lucy Wang

is an award-winning published, produced writer/comic. She has performed standup and two one-woman shows to sold-out audiences. Her manuscripts are archived at the Huntington Library. Lucy mentors privately and teaches at