Lucille Lortel Awards Announce Change in Eligibility Rules
lucille lortel awards

New York, NY – The Off-Broadway League and the Lucille Lortel Theatre have announced a change in eligibility rules for the Lucille Lortel Awards. The Lortel Awards Administration Committee in collaboration with the Off-Broadway League Board of Directors has lowered the minimum seating capacity requirement of Lortel Award-eligible shows from 100 to 76. Off-Broadway League membership and utilization of the League's union agreements will still be a requirement. Producers can contact the Off-Broadway League for additional information or with questions about membership and Lortel Awards eligibility.

The change comes after meeting with artistic leaders from theatres of color and historically marginalized communities to find ways for the Lucille Lortel Awards to be more inclusive.

“The off-Broadway community acknowledges that access to larger theatre spaces has served as an impediment to smaller companies and especially companies of color from participating fully in the Lortel Awards program,” said Lortel Theatre Executive Director George Forbes in a statement. “That loss of opportunity has had a negative impact on those smaller companies from having their work recognized, promoted and supported by a wider group of funders and audiences,” Forbes continued, “It is our sincere hope that this adjustment will allow more artists of color to have their work acknowledged and celebrated.”

Casey York, Off-Broadway League President, added “The off-Broadway community has always been a diverse group of artists and theatre professionals and we hope to continue to increase representation and recognition through this change. We're proud to expand access to our organization and to the Lortel Awards. We acknowledge that this is only a first step in trying to right decades of wrongs and we want the community of NYC theatre artists to know that we are here to listen to their concerns and continue to improve our record on this issue.”