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Los Angeles: A Short Primer on Rewriting
Continuous line drawing of hand writing with a pen on paper

I dread rewriting.

Rewriting is reimagining. It is mining. And trusting. And believing. It is rolling up one’s sleeves and being willing to cast about blind for a while. It is discarding the concrete to manifest out of the ether what might be better. It’s hard pick ‘n’ ax work. As the poet John Gregory Dunne said, “Writing is manual labor of the mind.”


So I turned to my Southern California fellows for their accumulated wisdom on rewriting. I asked them what word or words popped into their heads when they heard the term “rewrite”? What they offered was gold.

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Joshua Irving Gershick
Joshua Irving Gershick

s plays include Dear ONE: Love & Longing in Mid-Century Queer AmericaComing Attractions, and Bluebonnet Court. He is the winner of the GLAAD Award for Outstanding Los Angeles Theatre and is a Lambda Literary Award Finalist.