The cover of The Age Issue of The Dramatist. An illustration of two sets of hands, one older and one younger, playing piano side by side.
Los Angeles: A Meditation on Emergence
L to R: Amy Simon, Jonathan Josephson, Lojo Simon, Mary Crescenzo
L to R: Amy Simon, Jonathan Josephson, Lojo Simon, Mary Crescenzo

Emergence ['mrjns] noun.
1. The process of coming into view or notice. The process of coming into being.

Have you emerged as a playwright? How do you know that you have? What are the hallmarks of emergence?

Is the yardstick the number of plays we’ve written? The number we’ve published or had produced? What if we’ve produced them ourselves? Does that count? Is the type of theatre relevant? The size of the house or audience? How many successes on the intimate stage equal one solid LORT production?

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Joshua Irving Gershick
Joshua Irving Gershick

s plays include Dear ONE: Love & Longing in Mid-Century Queer AmericaComing Attractions, and Bluebonnet Court. He is the winner of the GLAAD Award for Outstanding Los Angeles Theatre and is a Lambda Literary Award Finalist.